Class of 1968

Class of 1968, 55th anniversary reunion.

Our 55th St. Mary’s High School Reunion was held on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at the Sheraton Needham Hotel right off Route I95.

There is a rumor that planning is ongoing with another group for a reunion for all SMHS graduates and friends. We’ll post information here as we receive it.

Class Poems

St. Mary’s High School 55th Reunion
by Kathleen Casey ~ 2023

A stirring occurred at the threshold.
The heavy door opened for girls,
whose silken hair lifted lightly
above gray blazers that exposed necks—
slender, innocently inviting touch.
Boys, in jackets and ties gathered,
scenting the city air with aftershave,
and a growing awareness
of something wonderful about to happen.

Inside the brick-and-mortar school,
waxed corridors led to rooms
lit by large windows overlooking
street scenes and church buildings.
Between prayers and algebraic equations,
between essays and poetic recitations,
and while at dances, games, and clubs,
we thirsted to learn who we were,
where we would go.

Now, as twilight descends,
we clasp our hands in gratitude
for those dedicated teachers who guided us,
for classmates who joined us
in laughter, tears, and friendship
during adolescent years and beyond.
All this time, none were lost,
but have remained in our hearts
ready to point out stars in the night sky.

The Memorial Table at St. Mary’s High School 50th Reunion
by Kathleen Casey ~ 2018

I see you in a long-ago place
making your way through adolescence
from one year to the next along waxed-floored corridors,
climbing up large stairwells,
window light giving you a haloed silhouette.

In the classroom, you recited
French poetry by heart with such ease and confidence
that the rest of us, plodding along, were in awe.
But it was that particular roll of your eyes,
a humorous yet sympathetic gesture,
that took me out of my angst so prevalent in those years.

Little did I know that five decades would pass this quickly,
that my dreams and days would continue unfolding,
while yours would vanish into memories.
Please forgive any incongruities, any slights,
anything outrageous I sent your way,
and know that you were my classmate, my friend.

Rather than dwell on how your absence
is one of mortality’s cruel traits,
let me instead reminisce about the wild bloom
that you were, the musical note,
the spirited light that enriched my journey.

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We use email to keep everyone informed. If you have been receiving emails, there is no need to do anything. If you need to update your contact information, you can use the Contact Form on this website.

You can confirm that you are coming or let us know you are not coming using that form or the one on the Facebook page. This is just to help with the estimate, not a commitment.

Missing Classmates

A list of missing classmates is posted on our Facebook page and on this website. If you have any information that would help locate them, let us know.

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