In Memoriam

“The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one.”

— Seneca, Roman Philosopher

In memory of our deceased friends of the Class of 1965 and of those of all classes, especially our dear deceased siblings.

  • Stephen James Swanson (1968)
  • Brian Edward Rattigan (1968)
  • Franklin Edward Quinlan (1971)
  • Phillip Sheridan Gallagher (1971)
  • Jane Elizabeth O’Connell (1990)
  • Michael Charles Young (1993)
  • Mary Virginia Foley (1994)
  • Thomas Arthur Burns (2006)
  • Sheila Mary Milmore (2006)
  • Barbara Ann Beaudoin (2008)
  • George Louis Murray (2008)
  • Eleanor Mary Mahoney (2011)
  • Charles Francis Navien (2011)
  • Timothy Paul Goguen (2011)
  • James Gordon Cox (2012)
  • John Martin Roche (2012)
  • Donna Anne Gross (2012)
  • Arthur Leo St. Germain (2012)
  • Dona Marie Lyons (2013)
  • Marilyn F. Sampson  (2015)
  • Phyllis A. Orifice (2015)
  • William Christopher Close (2016)
  • Rosemarie Masulla Mele (2017)
  • Albert M. Caramanica (2017)
  • Francis Michael Harris (2018)
  • Jane Catherine Welch (2019)
  • Eugene Joseph Capoccia (2020)


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  1. Anne Collins

    It is with great sadness that i read this amazingly long list of deceased classmates… seemed so easy back in 1965. May they all rest in peace….

  2. Alberta (Ferguson) Sullivan

    To Anne Collins…You are right. Life did seem so easy back in 1965. Seeing this long list of friends who have passed away from our relatively small graduating class is very sad. We may have lost contact with them over the years but we’ll never forget them.

  3. Sharon (Rynn) Kilpatrick

    So hard to believe so many of our classmates have passed. I look at the names and memories come back. I remember Mary Foley and I always pushing each other to go faster in typing and shorthand. We had a friendly competition. Tim Goguen was a consultant for the Special Ed Department in West Bridgewater where I worked for 10 years. Being a psychologist, he would be called in to review some difficult cases with the Director and staff. It gave us a quick opportunity to say hello but always saying we wanted to grab a coffee to catch up. Another lesson learned — we never had that cup of coffee.

  4. Maryjane Walsh

    The above shared thoughts and long list of deceased classmates reinforces the meaning of the simple saying “Every day is a gift”!

  5. Bob Cook

    For the record;

    Bro. Bernard Leo (Eugene Joseph Dermody) Born; 8 Oct 1912, First vows: March 19, 1933, Died; 8 Oct 1973. Buried; Manchester, New Hampshire

    Not a way you want to celebrate your 61st birthday

    Requiescat in pace.

  6. Bob Cook

    For the record;

    Bro. Cajetan Cyril (Joseph Francis Coleman) FSC. Born; 24 June 1914, First vows: 8 September 1932. Died; 27 May 1990. Buried; Narragansett, Rhode Island

    Requiescat in pace.

  7. Bob Cook

    For the record;

    Bro. Daniel F. Casey FSC Born; 2 June 1934 Providence, RI., Final vows 1959; Died; 30 July 2008. Buried; Narragansett, Rhode Island

    -Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Providence 1987 -1996
    -auxiliary Provincial of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Long Island-New England Province)1996-2000.
    -Provincial of the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Long Island-New England Province) 2000-2004
    -President/Vice-Chancellor of Bethlehem University in the Palestinian section of Israel 2005-2008

    Requiescat in pace.

  8. Alberta (Ferguson) Sullivan

    With much sadness I just read on our reunion page that our friend and classmate Phyllis Orifice recently passed away. I last ran into Phyllis about 15 years ago at the doctor’s office where she worked and she was the same friendly, outgoing girl as she was at St. Mary’s. Rest in peace, kid.

  9. Robert Cook

    For the record;

    Bro. Terence Patric (Dr. Brian Laurence Fitzsimmons) Clinical Psychologist. Born January 15, 1941 in Manhatten, NYC, Died April 14, 2013 in Killingworth, CT. Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Behavioral Health Services at St Vincent Catholic Medical Centers. Competitor and breeder of the American Saddlebred Horse. Started the Hilltop Therapeutic Riding Program, Inc., combining his love of horses with the benefits they provide to individuals with cognitive, neurological and psychiatric special needs. Active in many community service organizations. Survived by his wife, son and daughter and three grandchildren. Buried Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York.

  10. Robert Cook

    For the record;

    Bro. Raymond F. Davey. Born 1922 in Providence RI. Died 12 June 2007 in Briarcliffe Manor, Johnston, RI. Taught in schools operated by the Christian Brothers in New York and Massachusetts, and also served as a teacher in mission schools in Africa. Buried Narragansett, RI.

  11. Robert Cook

    For the record;

    Sr. Ursula Marie Anselmo Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. Born 17 Apr 1922, Died October 17, 2013, Buried; Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Silver Spring, MD


  12. Bob Cook

    Br. Aelred Philip (Robert Paul Holton) Born June 5, 1935 Providence, RI. Died April 10, 2010 Bradenton, Florida. Withdrew from the Brothers in the 1970’s. Survived by his wife and son.


  13. Bob Cook

    For the record;

    Br. Ambrose Stephen (Robert Frank Emilio). Born: August 14, 1931 Providence RI. Withdrew from the Christian Brothers October 13, 1975. Died March 12, 1988 NY. Buried St Ann Cemetery, Cranston, RI.


  14. Bob Cook

    For the record;

    Bro. Christopher Charles (John Patrick Naughton)…Born 9 Mar 1932 The Bronx, NY. Died 26 Jan 2015 Ossining, NY. Buried St. Augustine Cemetery, Ossining, NY. He withdrew from the Brothers about 1967. Teacher and Drama Coach at White Plains High School for 27 years until retirement in 1996. Survived by his wife, a daughter, a son and three grandsons.


  15. Charlie Regan

    After a wonderful reunion last night the members of SMH Cass of 1965 gathered at
    St. Mary’s Church for a memorial mass to remember all of our deceased classmates.
    It actually felt as though are deceased classmates were present in spirit.
    A big thank you goes out to Sheila Robinshaw for making this mass possible.
    God bless all who attended. May all of our deceased classmates R.I.P.